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Welcome to the Geosciences GeoJobs Listserv!
Listed below are recent postings of available employment positions from various organizations and departments. Updated positions will be sent out weekly as new listings become available. You may also visit to view more opportunities for jobs, internships, and career opportunities.
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Tech Geoscience I
Apachecorp - Houston, TX
Collect and interpret stratigraphic (XRF), geomechanical and geochemical data on cores and cuttings. Ability to apply basic knowledge of geology/geophysics related techniques and customary software to aid the geoscience technology group in reservoir characterization of conventional and unconventional assets. Perform routine aspects of basic geoscience related assignments requiring standard techniques and programs. Work independently with limited supervision.
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Entry Level Geologist or Environmental Engineer
Kleinfelder - Handover, MD
This position within Kleinfelder involves the collection of environmental data from sites in various stages of the assessment and remediation process. Under direct supervision, this person will be trained and become responsible for independently completing well-defined, assigned field tasks including: learning and honing the fundamentals of Data Collection, groundwater sampling, collection of potable supply well samples, collection of other field data, installation of groundwater monitoring wells, identification and evaluation of sensitive receptors, compilation and quality review of analytical data, documentation of meticulous field notes, data validity and Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC); observation and documentation in support of scientific investigations and engineered solutions.
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Plant Biologist/Geographer
Science & Technology Corporation - Hanover, NH
This scientist will work as part of a team on wetland vegetation mapping projects. Training and leading field crews, GIS data analysis, and report preparation are key aspects of the position.
The successful applicant will train and lead a field crew for wetland assessments, oversee and organize all geospatial data collected, identify and map plant species in the field, and prepare/present findings in reports and presentations. Will conduct literature searches, use GIS to create/update databases, and analyze geospatial data. The scientist will collaborate with other team leaders, communicate clearly and concisely with colleagues and crew, and resolve problems when they arise. Extended overnight travel is expected. Maintain attention to detail, work efficiently, and meet deadlines.
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Field Paleontologists
Cogstone Resource Management Inc. - Los Angeles, CA
Paleontological monitors must be able to stand for ten hours and be willing to work swing or graveyard shifts in addition to day shift to meet the needs of the project. Overtime is paid for all work over eight hours in each shift. Safety training is part of paid work. Ability to work well with construction crews and colleagues and to follow specific protocols is necessary. Previous mitigation experience is preferred. Paleontologists may be assigned to preparation or other lab work to meet the needs of the project.
For more information and to apply, visit

Central Intelligence Agency - Washington, DC
Candidates work as part of a cartographic or interdisciplinary team managing multiple mapping projects under minimal supervision. Cartographers work with their analytic colleagues to define project requirements and provide advice on processes and procedures for optimal visual presentation. Cartographers are expected to develop and maintain sufficient regional expertise to provide substantive input into the final map product, including geographic features, Board on Geographic Names (BGN) rulings, key issues, and recent developments.
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